A storm of bats, Zambia

Scattered bats

When twilight came closer, excitement rose. We gathered together with our friends in a tower from which you could see the storm of animals just meters away. Just in a moment, we were about to watch the greatest group of any mammal on earth. In Kasanka National Park, fruit bats gather up to 10 million…

Visiting the Kinda Baboons, Zambia

Kinda Baboon (Papio kindae) grooming

As our goal was to see the biggest mammal migration, in the work to get there we found out that a rare type of Baboon live in the same area. It’s called the Kinda Baboon (Papio kindae). Excited about thisfact, we decided to visit the research project investigating their behavior. Kasanka National Park is the…

Relaxing on Sulawesi


I could get some time off at the camp and explore other parts of Indonesia with my girlfriend Julia, who was visiting from Germany. Indonesia is with it’s many island very diverse in nature. We decided to travel to the northern part of Sulawesi, an island east from Borneo (see map). We had two weeks…

Happy international Orangutan day! First video of an orangutan birth ever!

Hey all! Today is the international orangutan day, created in order to create awareness about the highly endangered relative of ours. Durrell shared this video with us today, which I think is really cool! The first time ever captured an orangutan making birth. On Borneo during my time here there was one birth, but they alwyas…


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