Finally, my spring ends abruptly

The spring is coming to an end for me and it is finally time to kick off from Sweden and go to Borneo! My visa is ready after being delayed for more than a month. I just hope now that the process in Jakarta will go swiftly (it may take 1-3 weeks).

When I work with the orangutans I will give reports through Save The Orangutans and WWF-Sweden, and hopefully I can help them to forward the message why the Bornean Orangutans are so important to save from palm oil plantations and raw slaughter.

I’ve spent my time the last month photographing some, but the spring is surprisingly slow going. Flowers which came up one month ago in Germany are just starting to show their colors in Sweden. These are some pictures that I’ve taken lately:


And I will finish off with a poem about a vole I found:

Some say, mr Vole is bad
However, he is a nice little lad
although he is too, afraid of the cat
he is neither mouse nor rat,

Sunday morning and mr. Vole is awake
Showing himself on a hiking break
Come now, come out from the shade
Mr. Vole, you shall not be afraid,

Mr. vole wants to go and find a tasty leaf
He is kind and happy, bearing no greif,
So now please, come out mr. Vole
Come out from your little hiding hole


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