Feeding technique; Akar Kuning

One of the most popular fruits in this orangutan camp is the Akar Kuning, which is a liana that climbs up the trees with grape like fruits.

Feeding on Akar Kuning

Feeding on Akar Kuning

As you might know, my main focus are the feeding techniques of the orangutans, so I thought therefore it could be interesting for you to see what an orangutan looks like when feeding on fruits, how they might do it differently and what I’d note down.

From the pictures you may see for example that they feed directly from the branch, and not picking each fruit separately. That is one thing that may differ between individuals. Also you can see on one picture that the orangutans feed on many of them at the same time. They often keep AkarKuning in their mouth for about five minutes to suck on. They are a bit like lichen fruits but way slimier and it’s hard to get all the pulp of the seed. I’d also note down which hand they are using, position in the tree and any unusual behaviour (of course). Preferably however, I just video tape it when it’s interesting so nothing is overseen!

Remember that reblogs and shares are very appreciated! Especially to spread awareness for the sake of the animals. Sharing is caring. Thank you!

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