Conservation update: Predator cleansing is damaging ecosystems

It has just recently started get known the positive effects of the presence of large predators. Since long humans have been in war with predators such as lions, leopards and wolves, all over the world. But it is now, when we finally has started to gather hard facts, and understand what positive exchange humans get from predators, that their populations start crashing.


“A plea to restore populations of some of the world’s most dangerous animals has been made by scientists who claim the loss of large carnivores is damaging ecosystems.

More than three-quarters of the 31 species of large land predators, such as lions and wolves, are in decline, according to a new study. Of these, 17 species are now restricted to less than half the territory they once occupied.”

Read full article here in the guardian

  1 comment for “Conservation update: Predator cleansing is damaging ecosystems

  1. January 15, 2016 at 23:04

    This is a big problem in the US. Intolerance for predatory animals, especially wolves, is deeply ingrained in certain social groups. Unfortunately these are the groups that seem to have the most pull in wildlife management decisions. Hopefully research findings like this will help show people that predators are important.

    Granted, in cases where predators do cause serious damage to livestock and/or human lives action will need to be taken. But that action should be sustainable according to the best available science; and preferably non-lethal.

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