To travel with a new born baby

The last year I’ve been struggling with this blog to keep it updated. And maybe for understandable reasons. In august, our baby Lima got cut out of my girlfriend’s stomach, and since then life has changed. Getting children is not at all as painful as people often say – we are having quite a time with her.


She is now five months old (younger than most of my canned food), and we have since then travelled around with her quite a bit. Since Julia is German, and I am a Swede, it’s kind of expected that we’ll go to both countries. Lima released her first CO2 airplane emissions at the age of three weeks.

People somehow seemed to expect our lives to stop at her birth. That now we would settle down in a suburb flat, get down to earth and be satisfied with it. Especially you might think that our adventures will stop, but I have no such plans (Julia has some wishful thinking sometimes, but I’m not encouraging it).

It never occurred to me that people were so pessimistic about their future parenthood. I wasn’t the most optimistic myself to be fair, but sure thing you can travel with a baby?

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Recently, I was talking with my mums boyfriend who were going over Christmas last year to the island Teneriffa to celebrate his 70s birthday. His whole family was coming, but his son decided to bail out last minute, cause they thought it could be to a too exhausting trip for a four-month baby. By the same age, we already travelled to five countries with Lima.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be precautious. Infants are fragile, but there are also several upsides about travelling while the baby is small. She can’t run over cliffs, and you don’t have to pay her airfare. If any time is good to go with a baby, it is now!

I am now studying International Nature Conservation in Göttingen. We had a great spring here, doing excursions with Lima. Taking her out in nature is actually really simple. Before hand, it might seem like a lot of work with many uncertainties. Will she be happy? What happens if its too cold? And so on, but to be honest these are most often inconsequent fears than anything else. Every time that we have worried, it has turned out to be great fun instead.

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Part of the program is to go one semester to New Zealand. I won’t get much further away from home than that, but on the other had New Zealand is quite similar to US in terms of people. They go by car to the neighbors, they eat quite some junk food and has escalators to the gym. Culturally I keep my expectations low, but when it comes to seeing elusive animals and astonishing landscapes I keep my hopes up. Hikes and photography of the landscapes and the endemic wildlife is awaiting! Especially I am especially excited about the possibility to see Kiwis and penguins.


Lima looking where New Zealand is 😉

We are leaving in mid February, and I am looking forward to write more about how it is to travel and work in/study conservation while having a little toddler following me aroundI hope you will follow us around just like Lima!

P.S  Ff you are interested in following us around, join through signing your e-mail below! 🙂

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