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I am going to Borneo to work with wild orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus). It’s a species which is highly endangered due to habitat loss and the popultation is declining in a rapidly.

I will conduct research on their ecology and ways of living, which I hope you guys think is interesting. I’ll tell you about my daily life in Borneo but also what challenges the orangs are put to. I will also talk about the palm oil industry since this is having major impact to all wildlife on Borneo. Of course, there will also be a lot of bugs, snakes and hopefully interesting birds and mammals included!

Borneo is a huge island, which is not obvious to someone who haven’t been there. It is the third biggest island in the world, with only Greenland and Papua bigger. It is 1,66 times the size of Sweden! And so, there is a lot to discover also!

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