Why stop buying palm oil?

Why stop your consumption of palm oil?

Palm oil is a type of vegetable oil which you make from the palm fruit. Orinially the palm oil tree comes from west africa but it can be grown whereever heavy rainfall is common. Today 90% of the palm oil in the world is made in Indonesia and Malaysia. However the trend of making palmoil plantations is spreading to other rainforest areas such as central Africa

Big ares of rainforest is slashed and burned each year in order to make way for oil palm plantations. Many orangutans and other wildlife are killed both directly in this process and as a result of habitat loss. This so we can use the palm oil in our food and every day products . The deforestation is currently driving many species to extinction.

Palm oil is a very popular vegetable oil among manufacturers due to its low price. Cosmetics and body products are full of them and so are our everyday cleaning tools. Still palm oil does not need to be labeled in many countries (such as Sweden).

Palm oil is also through the big industry behind palm oil, the only source of income for many farmers in tropical countries (especially Malaysia and Indonesia). It’s important to make clear that the palm oil plantations that exist are already damage that is none reversible.  The farmers needs their income, however  palm oil is profitable enough to slash and burn huge areas of rainforests and this is what you will prevent through boycotting the palm oil. There are many alternatives to palm oil.

Destruction of peat swamp forests doesn’t only lead to loss of unique species and biodiversity, it also increases the carbon emissions. Indonesia is the third biggest country in the world when it comes to carbon emissions, with 85% of the emissions coming from destruction of peat land forests to make room for palm oil plantations. (read about peat swamp forests here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peat_swamp_forest)

Orangutans and many other species cannot alter their fate we have created for them. Its only us who can.

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