Sulawesi is a large island which is part of the Indonesian archipelago. Although tourists has yet to find out more about this island, it is a well known island among conservationists.


Although it is relativley close to Borneo, the fauna between the islands are completely different. Between the two islands crosses the Wallace Line, and between the two islands almost totally different fauna is found. On the west side, including Borneo and Java, asiatic species such as rhinos, elephants, orangutans and tigers are found. On the east side, less known species such as babirusas and the komodo dragons are found.

Wallace line

This made Sulawesi an incredebly interesting place to go to, especially since I was working on Borneo. I could get some time off at the camp and visit Sulawesi along with my girl friend, Julia, who was visiting from Germany. Indonesia is with it’s many island very diverse in nature.

Sulawesi is huge, and we decided to focus on the northern part. The shape of the island (see above) makes it  hard to travel to other parts in an efficient way. We started off in Bunaken, an island at the northern tip Sulawesi, which is famous for its diverse waters, corals, and diving.aWe had two weeks for travelling around to see endemic some endemic animals and below you can find the blog post about our experiences, both from my and Julias perspective.

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Finding nemo in Bunaken

Just about  half an hour by boat from Manado (capital of northern Sulawesi) you can find the island Bunaken and it´s world famous marine national park. There we started our holiday, snorkeling and diving in one of the earths most diverse marine areas.

Chased by the black macaques

In a shabby night bus we travelled to Tankoko National Park, the last refugee of the Black Crested Macaque. It’s one of the worlds most endangered primates. Other highlights were the tarsiers, hornbills and a green viper.

Orangutans in a cage, a rehabilitation

Northern Sulawesi is a hotspot for illeagal trade of endangered wildlife. Some rescued animals have found a second home at Tasikoki  Rehabilitation Center. We had the possibility to see the facilities of this center.

Volcanic activity; our last activity?

Tomohon the third largest city in North Sulawesi is located on highlands and therefore it has mild climate. We hiked up one of the surrounding volcanos Mount Lokon which is still active.



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