Volcanic activity; our last activity?

To be honest, I never thought I could be so happy to freeze during the night. After almost 10 days in the north of Sulawesi it was a relieve for me to come to Tomohon. Located at an altitude of 700 meter of the sea, the climate is cooler than at the cost. Already on our way to Tomohon we saw the change in the landscape.  From costal area, to the national park with its forest, we were now surrounded by agricultural land.


Tomohon is flanked by two active Vulcanos, Mount Lokon and Mount Empung. Climbing an active vulcano seems a bit scary but also very tempting. The next day we met one local guide who lead us to our goal. He was in contact with the local researchers so he knew it would be save to hike to the crater of Mount Lokon. While the very top is flat, the active crater (“Tompaluan”) can be found on its food.


Not long ago it was not possible to mount the vulcano. Several eruptions are recorded and the most recent one was in 2012, when thousand of people were forced to be evacuated. But this time it was calm and save. From the top we could even see Bunaken National Park where our journey started.

Even though it is colder in the area of Tomohon the sun still has the same power. While climbing down the vulcano we could already feel our mistake.. we were totally sunburned!

However, it was a great experience to see an active volcano and a successful end of our journey. Now it was time for me to go home to Germany and for Wilhelm to return to the camp on Borneo!

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