To protect nature, and understand the value of nature, people need to appreciate it too. Photography is a great way for me to inspire people and make people understand why conservation is so important.

Below there is a short mixed gallery. Further down you have galleries sorted by different locations.

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Stora Karlsö

On Stora Karlsö I got the chance to follow the circle of life. I felt I experienced the true motion of nature, as if I could see the web. Over seasons, I saw the orchids grow buds, flower and dry up and fall apart. I saw the birds lay their eggs and I saw the chicks cry for food. I saw them get snatched by seagulls, and I saw them grow up and jump out of their nest. I didn’t just see nature, I truly felt it, too.

The Arctic Fox project 2015 (To see more pictures click here)

The Swedish Arctic Fox project is researching the species interaction with other species and its role in the ecosystem. I spent three weeks camping on high altitude and cold weather to contribute to this research project by ear marking foxes and surveying rodents and birds.



Here are some old pictures from Sweden of nature and my friends.


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