Here are some links to pages which we either visited while we were in Africa or people/organisations which we are in contact with and which we think are good.

The most important link if you are Swedish is of course, where you can read about my old travel experiences.

About animals/plants
If you want more information about endangered species or animals in general IUCN is of course the most reliable site of them all. IUCN is the organisation which is responsible for the redlisting of all the species in the world. They continously investigate population trends and estimation of population size in the different species.

The encyclopedia of life, EOL, has a lot of information about animal species as well as IUCN. They use IUCN, books, sience articles and  databases specialized in specific species. If you look for information on non endangered species this site is a good start:

Interesting travel blogs (swedish)
Lars Bengtsson,adventurer and biker who bikes around the world:

Daniel Peterson, an experienced inspiration who I met in Africa 2010 :

Conservation Organisations:

Interested in island biology and conservations? Durrell is an organisation which we visited in 2012 travel around Africa. They are specialized in conservation work on islands around the globe, from Borneo to Madagascar! It is one of the friendliest people we ever met!

Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) is a network of many small conservation projects around the world. They work with the painted dog, which was a project we visited in Africa. They also work with the andean cat, the okapi, the snow leopard and many many more species.

Simpona  is the word in malagasy for the Silky sifaka. This is a page dedicated to protect and conduct research on the silky sifaka on Madagascar

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