How to see the spectacled bear in the wild

The spectacled bear is a shy and elusive animal, and seeing wild individuals is rare. There are a few tours you can make, but most of them will require days or even weeks of searching for them. But in 2015 researchers had discovered an area in Peru of around 500 ha where it is possible to spot this species in the wild with more than 60% success rate in a day.

In Corosha, in the Amazonas region, local guides take you up on a three hours hike to an observation point where the Andean bear can be seen. You will wait there for the bears to leave the forest patches and forage in the grassland. It is up to the bears how close you will see them – sometimes they stay several hundreds of meters away, but sometimes they have been seen from less than 20 meters. Corosha is also the only place in the world where you can observe a golden bear, a rare color morph not known to any other place.



The golden bear Paddington 



Another option is offered by NatureTreck. In a thirteen days tour, you will explore the tropical dry forest of Peru, looking for the spectacle bear and Andean condors.

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