About us

My experience and background in biology and Africa
I am currently making a master in international conservation in Germany. I’m living in Germany and will later go on to live in New Zeeland for 6 months

The aim of the Biotrotter project was to make Swedish youngsters more interested in conservation work. During this time I learned a lot about how conservation work differs from locations and how different organizations work. Also I learnt a lot about key species in the countries we visited, knowledge ranging from why selective predators are important such as wild dogs, to how elephants have totally different environmental impact depending on their habitat.

The project Biotrotter was not something that was offered to us. It was our own idea and required a lot of hard work planning and to get in touch with all the researchers around in southern and eastern Africa. Afterwards I’ve given lectures in the university as well as for high school classes about our experiences and what we learnt from researchers.

The reasons why to share information about endangered species are many. As the habitat for most of the animal species in the world heavily decreases, every chance of stopping or preventing this mass destruction is to be taken. However, I also want to inspire anyone no matter what you think is important or what you believe in. I welcome any discussion about environmental issues and I look forward to get feedback if you would like to share it with me!

Research about beavers impact
My bachelor thesis which I did in the summer of 2013 was about beavers impact on aquatic plant I collected data on which I have been doing statistical analyzes on. Although the conditions in Sweden are very different, I gained experience in collection of data in extremely unavailable mires and wetland areas.

  2 comments for “About us

  1. Nadia Marroushi
    April 18, 2014 at 17:38

    Wow your blog is wonderful I look forward to reading your posts and the pictures are incredible and what you are doing.

    • April 19, 2014 at 04:05

      Thank you! You are very welcome to give feedback of the blog or ask if anything feels confusing! 🙂 I had a blog in 2012, but now I changed to wordpress so it’s all rather new!

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